Sunday, June 21, 2009


It has been a while! We have been busy and on our honeymoon to Puerto Rico.

I haven't had time to craft, but I did have time to take pictures.

This was the last thing we saw of the resort before leaving on Saturday morning at 6 am.

We went to Old San Juan on Friday. First we went to Castillo San Cristobal and toured the fort.

This is a little guard tower.We also went to Hato Rey to see a flamenco show and eat steak, but the show was out of season. So we had Spanish tapas & Sangria.

Thursday we went fishing!!!!!

Brian caught two king mackerels one was 50lbs and the other was 35lbs.

I caught a little bait fish, but I caught the first fish...and then I got sick.
We ate tapas at a place called Olelelolai. It was very nice. Good Spanish and Puerto Rican tapas & passion fruit sangria.

Since our hotel was on a cliff next to the ocean, instead of a beachfront it had it's own private island that we ferried to.

We snorkeled a little there and read in the sun. I saw a huge ray, a pretty coral, anemones, lots of colorful fish and sea grass.

We stayed in a Casita away from the main hotel. It had it's own private infinity pool area with a great view.

The landscaping was really pretty too.

The last one is the view from our balcony.