Friday, January 9, 2009

2008's Gifts

Now that Christmas is over, I can post the gifts I gave with out ruining the surprise.

***PREN Stop reading now if you do not want to spoil your goodie box....I haven't sent it yet and it may contain some of these items :) Luv ya Shuuug.

I made some stocking sachets with peppermint candy scent.

This is Apollo's bone, which I hear he sleeps with every night :)

I made some gusseted shopping bags/totes for those who like to be green. One is made from a vintage table cloth.
Luggage tags

Camera Strap

Pinkie pin cushions for crafty friends

And finally....Frank the Monster's Wife

That's all for now and I apologize for the image rich post, but I had to share. I'll post the WI presents once my family leaves town.
I'll also be posting a tutorial for an oven mit!
Keep crafting!!

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