Friday, October 2, 2009

Disc Golf Season

With the cooler weather, I've decided to go disc golfing more often. SO, I decided to make a new disc golf bag!

I wanted to at least make it water/mud resistant so I pulled out a vinyl remnant I've been wondering what to do with b/c of the off color. All told, I used the vinyl and an old sweatshirt (reuse/repurpose!)

The outer shell, pockets and strap are made from the vinyl and the liner is made up of the old sweatshirt and a FQ I had.

There are two larger pockets on the outer front and back to hold my putter or drivers while I'm throwing one or the other. There are also two stretch pockets on the sides for holding water bottles.

B's bag has a frame inside to hold the discs upright. For a temporary solution, I used an old shoe box top to frame out the bottom. Later I might add a light pvc frame if I get real ambitious.

I also added some inner pockets to hold wallet, cell phones, glasses, female outdoor survival kit, etc.

I also put a little lady bug button on the corner to embellish. The strap ended up being a little too long (no patter, this'n came out of my head) so in the center of the strap I did some creating folding over to create a padded area for my shoulder...worked out pretty nice. :)

Overall, I'm satisfied. Already taken it on a test run.

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